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Fussing Over Fusion

At science made simple, we are always eager to have guest bloggers featured on our website. This blog is written by Meirin Evans, who is gaining work experience at Cardiff University’s School of Physics & Astronomy during his summer break

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The Great Popeye Spinach Decimal Point Myth

By Gaz Smith I have an interesting job, which occasionally takes me along unforeseen paths. Let me explain (warning – if you have no knowledge of Popeye and his super-strength inducing spinach-scoffing habit then the following will mean little): recently

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Bend it like Bale…the science of football

by Wendy Sadler You can almost taste the excitement here in Cardiff on the eve of the biggest event in Wales since, well, pretty much ever! Probably the last thing on the players mind is swotting up on their physics

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Unlikely Animal Friends!

By Becca Smithers The Internet is full of unlikely animal friends, but in nature you can quite often find different species partnering up. How often does this happen in the wild? “Mutualism” is the word used to describe animals of

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How to safely view the Mercury Transit

By Natasha Mendes On Monday 9th May 2016 between 12:00 Noon and 7:30pm the transit of Mercury across our Sun will be visible in the UK. Our new science made simple branch in Milton Keynes will be hosting a free

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“I’m Not a Scientist!” – Rainbow Activity 3: Ice Cube Drawing

By Farhin Begum Hello folks! I hope everyone has had an amazing time with  second series on “I’m not a Scientist” blog – rainbow edition! I have one more exciting activity for you and it’s easy to do with things you

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From Demo to Democracy

By Wendy Sadler How science communicators can change the world… On 4th March this year I had the honour of giving the opening keynote speech at the 20th Anniversary event of SciFest Africa – a festival I have been part

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How Could an Elephant Fly?

By Rhys L Griffiths “But I be done seen about everything, when I see an elephant fly”. Following on from the recent run of Disney science blogs, we at the science made simple office started questioning other fantastical films and the

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The Science of Optical Illusions: A trick of the mind!

  This infographic was made by Optician Jon Munro of Supersavers Opticians _____________________________________________________________________________ We are science made simple, a social enterprise who perform science, maths and engineering shows to schools, festivals and public audiences. You can find out more about

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Genetics of the Aristocats

By Becca Smithers Sometimes in science made simple our discussions can take an interesting turn. The query was raised “how can Duchess the cat from The Aristocats have three kittens of different colours?” This blog aims to find out the genetics behind Marie, Berlioz,

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