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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the future! Whether you’re exploring the Great Barrier Reef, flying through the Solar System or creating your own Universe, virtual reality offers endless possibilities in science education. Imagine taking a class of children to the surface of Mars, allowing them

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The BIG Event 2016

By Leanne Gunn The BIG Event is a science communication conference bringing like-minded people together to network and share knowledge about working in the science communication sector. Last week I attended my first ever BIG Event and it was a chance

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A Canadian in Cardiff

By Parker McLean All About Parker! Over the Past month and a half, I have been lucky to be an intern at science made simple right here in Cardiff. Back in Canada, I spend my days studying in the Science

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From Demo to Democracy

By Wendy Sadler How science communicators can change the world… On 4th March this year I had the honour of giving the opening keynote speech at the 20th Anniversary event of SciFest Africa – a festival I have been part

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Inspiring Women

Happy International Women’s Day! by Wendy Sadler Which women inspire you? I reckon for me my mum was probably one of the first as she was always showing me experiments that got me curious about science from a very young age.

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What do people think about chemistry?

By James Piercy Recently the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published the results of a large survey of the public’s perception of chemistry. The project was delivered by market research company TNS BRMB and involved interviews with over 2000 people

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Top 10 Ways to Spot Bad Science

By Becca Smithers Bad science is where people misuse science and scientific research, usually to get you to buy something, to change your mind, or to make something seem better than it actually is. People may deliberately misinterpret results of

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David goes gallivanting (again)!

David Price is never in the same place for long. science made simple presenter, manager, busker, trainer and general nice guy David is highly sought after by organisations all over the world. Check out his latest adventures: Warsaw Science Picnic In

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Top Tips for Public Speaking

By James Piercy The best way to become a great public speaker is to do it, and do it a lot! But there are some key skills and things to consider which can get you off to a good start.

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Risky Business at the Big Bang Fair

By Leanne Gunn “How do you make health and safety exciting?” This was the question flying around the science made simple office when we were asked by Engineering UK and the Lloyd’s Risk Register to develop a science show all

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