At Science Made Simple we put our years of experience producing engaging shows, workshops and props to good use, supporting STEM professionals in their work to engage the public with science and engineering research.

We provide a wide range of training events and programmes for researchers in universities and industry, helping them to develop engaging public exhibitions and TED-style presentations, viral videos and hands-on activities that are accessible to audiences of all kinds.

If you want to engage the public with your research, we can help you get to grips with why, when, where, who and how. If you’re thinking about your research impact and facilitating dialogue with the public, we have a wealth of experience to share.

Take a look at our training products listed below. We can customise our material to suit you, and if you have your own ideas just ask and we can tell you more about what we can do to help. 

Our Training Sessions

Introduction to STEM Engagement
Science on the street: engaging a passing audience
Working with the media
Social media to communicate your research
Comedy: using humour to engage adult audiences
Creativity skills: thinking differently in your research
Data visualisation and infographics
Effective video content
Engaging with policymakers
Developing and using props and exhibits
The soft boiled egg: creating a 3 minute presentation
Stand by your stand
Perfecting poster presentations

Not sure if any of this is quite right for you? Get in touch and tell us all about it.

“The most useful aspect of the course was how interactive it was – especially the ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say it’ parts. These parts really helped me to think about how to deliver difficult science topics at the right level for people to understand without losing the actual science”

PhD student, STFC Centre for Doctoral Training