Science Busking Training

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Why wait around for an audience to come to you when you can take your message to them? Science busking uses live demonstrations and street theatre techniques as an effective means to engage the public with science.

Our science busking training is hugely popular, with clients internationally in academia and industry, visitor attractions and schools. It is an effective, inexpensive and highly adaptable engagement method which delegates find very rewarding; it can be used to good effect with limited resources and with simple training.

What is science busking?

Science busking is the application of portable science demonstrations, used in conjunction with robust public speaking skills to attract, hold and inspire a passing audience with science. The busking happens at summer fetes and shopping centres – anywhere a crowd or small group could gather, participate in science and engage with its messages.. Busking harnesses the spirit of play to engage young and old alike with a fascination for and enjoyment of science.

Learn more about busking and see a video of busking in action.

Course content

The course is taught via a series of theory and practical sessions with purpose built busking kits. During the course we will cover:

  • What is science busking?
  • Science messages – loud and clear
  • The devastating power of a smile
  • Tackling fear
  • Mystery object busking exercise
  • Communication theory
  • Body language
  • Busking tips and tricks
  • Busking in practice
  • Health and safety
  • Conclusions, listening

The training is further supported by a busking kit list, a fully risk assessed training kit and instructional busking videos.

For schools:

We offer a standard 3 hour busking training session, which includes all the topics listed above. Students are then encouraged to practice their busking skills after the session. This session can be extended to a full 1 or 2 day programme upon request. The course is ideally suitable for 10 students, up to a maximum of 20. A member of staff is required to be present at all times.

For organisations:

We recommend the two day busking training programme for organisations. The first day is an extended version of the busking training techniques listed above. The second day is designed so each busker can put their skills into practise, and can be actively critiqued by the trainer. Each day is typically 5 hours duration with a lunch break, and is suitable for 10 participants, up to a maximum of 20.

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