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science made simple is one of the UK’s leading STEM communication companies. We offer training and consultancy services for groups around the world. From a brief chat, to complete show writing services and training, we can help you deliver your project.

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We can help with any aspect of communicating your message to any audience. If you would you like to:

  • Improve your science communication skills
  • Develop educational resources
  • Make a video or other multimedia resource
  • Supplement your visitor attraction
  • Create a show or a workshop
  • Train your staff to deliver an activity
  • Inspire your audience with your message in a novel way

Simply drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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STEM show development

We produce both live and multimedia material exploring science and

CC-BY science made simple

Engineering show for a KS3 audience CC-BY science made simple


A science show can change attitudes to STEM subjects and inspire the scientists and engineers of the future. We know that over 65% of our audience feel more positive about science after watching a show and over 90% say they have learnt something new. If you want this kind of effect with your target audience, we can help.

Our full package provides: scripts, method statements, risk assessments, notes and inventory. We can provide in-house training for staff and produce videos of new shows for revision.

We can also provide prop sourcing and manufacture.

CASE STUDY: Esplora Science Centre in Malta

Esplora is a new interactive science. It has amazing galleries of hands-on exhibits, a wonderful planetarium hanging over the harbour, and beautiful outdoor areas.

Training with Tesla coil

Training with Tesla coil CC-BY science made simple

The centre staff realised the value of human interaction and the power of science shows to engage visitors with scientific ideas. science made simple were asked to develop four new shows to be presented in the centre and to train local staff in the communication skills and knowledge to safely perform the demonstrations.

We wrote shows on electricity, sound, bubbles and science and the human body. They all included a range of demonstrations, audience participation and supporting graphics. Staff received two days training on the specific content of each show and the associated general presentation skills, and we then visited the centre to review their performance.

Learning to make giant bubbles

Learning to make giant bubbles CC-BY science made simple














Multimedia material can provide a strong legacy for your project.

We worked with a film production company and graphic designers to research and develop short videos on biology for BBC Bitesize.

These videos are learning resources for KS2 science teachers to use in lessons, all about the human body. The topics were; circulation, respiration, digestion, muscles and bones, growing, teeth, and burps and farts.

Zoë used her skills in making science accessible to all ages to bring difficult topics to life.

Videos like this could bring your project to a wider audience. Whether you require a presenter, script development, ideas or equipment, we can help you create an engaging video to suit your audience.

We can deliver shows on your behalf.

Sponsorship is a great way of spreading the word about STEM to schools in your area. Our staff can work with the next generaton of scientists and engineers helping your company reach out to the community. Choose from one of selection of interactive presentations or talk to us about developing something new.

CASE STUDY: Tomorrow’s Engineers

Leanne presenting Tomorrow’s Engineers to Y9 students CC-BY science made simple


We are part of a national programme coordinated by the Royal Academy of Engineering. National and local companies cover the costs of our visits to schools, inspiring pupils and providing information about careers in engineering.



Find more information on the project here.



We offer bespoke training in all aspects of science communication and public engagement. Find out more about our Presentation SkillsScience Communication and Busking Training courses.


David leads a session of busking training CC-BY science made simple

Our science Busking Training is a very popular and effective way of engaging audiences with your work. Our busking expert David Price has provided training to students of all ages around the world with many remaining active years after his visit.



Delegates on our Science Communication course said:



We work widely with University departments looking to increase their impact and our staff regularly teach undergraduates, postgraduates and staff with our Presentation Skills course.




With over 100 years combined experience, our team are sure to be able to help you bring your ideas to life. Our skill in producing new demonstrations and re-working classics means that we can quickly produce ideas and content to support your project. From a brief chat to in depth research and reporting, science made simple can help steer your project to success.

Case study: Hong Kong Geopark
We were approached by a member of staff from Geopark in Hong Kong after Zoë and Becca presented at the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Science Festival. They were really keen to work with us to develop some hands-on activities about evolution and geology for the education team of their geological park.

We developed three fifteen minute activities to be adaptable for large and small audiences or varying ages and knowledge of the subjects. The activities developed focussed on visually representing geological time of planet Earth (4.6 billion years!), how species adapted and evolved in different situations throughout Earth’s history, and explaining the use of fossil evidence to piece together how the land masses on Earth have moved over time.

The final product of each activity consisted of a pack of information about each activity including a script, risk assessment, and background information. We also developed a PowerPoint for each activity, and created videos detailing how to run the activities and adapt them for different audiences. We created all the digital resources required and provided instructions on how to make props that could be used.

Upon receipt of the final activity packs, our contact at Geopark said:



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